I miss you. It has not even been a month of talking but I know, in that short amount of time, that I have grown deep feelings for you. Not love, that’s just major, but definitely stronger than ‘like’. I don’t know how it happened; when I’m left alone to think about it, I find it absurd but hell my feelings for you are true. But, unfortunately, and as always, my love is unrequited; one sided.

Not so long ago I decided to stop talking to you and you agreed very easily. Hell I know that’s what I wanted but deep inside me was the hope of you disagreeing… Of you telling me that you can’t… Of you telling me that you need me. I will be there for you, or I guess I would have. Mess.

Now after 3 days, I’m left here, trying to push away my feelings for you with the dread of the fact that I miss you. I miss talking to you, I miss hearing your laugh, I miss listening to your thoughts, I miss your voice. HELL I MISS YOU SO MUCH!

But as you said, we cannot be. Bull shit! We can be if you just are strong enough to fight for us. But fuck society, fuck your considerations! I’m mad at you, but I’m mad at myself too. We’re both tongue tied… I guess our feelings are not enough; funny I just remembered I’m the only one who has the feelings.

J it’s getting hard. It’s getting hard to act like I’m okay, like my feelings are nothing. I miss you and I just want to talk to you. I might even be desperate. But no I won’t. I have to teach myself to be strong. I have to remind myself that I was fine before you, that I will be again without you.

But it’s difficult and this difficulty is beyond my ability of fixing. This is the reason why I’m scared of feelings - and yet I always have them… For the wrong people… For the wrong reasons…


Your countenance is prepossessing, the firmament opens and reveal the angels singing in chorus

If I get the chance,
I will always find a time
To tell you ‘you’re beautiful’
And that ‘You are God’s blessing to me’

You have to understand, girl
You rock my world
Your mere presence
Is the oxygen to my atmosphere
The water to my ocean

My breath says your name
My heartbeats scream it
I need you like Earth needs the sun
I need you like the fish needs water

But I know I have to keep my thoughts to myself
Because you’re with him and not me
And all the memories we share…

Are all just mere events for you….

I tweet like a white person tbh! 😂😂😂😂😂 #whitewashed #whitewashedasian #waytogo

I tweet like a white person tbh! 😂😂😂😂😂 #whitewashed #whitewashedasian #waytogo



shit white people say after sex 

  • thank you 
  • thats was good 
  • is there any gogurts left 
  • thanks 
  • do u think ikea is still open

• I need some starbucks?
• I should totally tweet that!
• send me a dick pic
• Oh My God THAT was so tweetable!
• can I instagram your dick?
• if you’re from Africa, why are you white?

• you wanna do something fun? Wanna go to taco bell?
• oh my god let’s go SHOPPING!!!
• now where’a my iPhone 5s?

I’m in that stage of life where I just hate the idea of love. Like, why would you deficate your whole being to someone only for it to end because aside from change, endings are also constant. And most endings really hurt. Especially the endings that I’ve experienced. I just don’t wanna love anymore because it hurts likr shit… And that’s coming from a straight 17-year old guy.

To my first love

It has been so long since my last letter to you. I’ve completely given up knowing yoh will never get the chance to read them… But here’s another one.

This very day a few years back, life took you away from me forever. I always ask why? Why in such a young age that you had to leave me? We were just kids, but I knew that we were in love. Today is your death anniversary… I’ve lost count… But has it been 3 years? 4years? We would have dated 7-8 years by now but you had to leave me… On the very day of our 2nd year together..

Funny how that affected me and my life. After you I never really loved anyone… Until now. But it’s funny coz I’ve never been lucky when it comes to love… My first love died and my next loves someone else. Makes me not wanna love anymore, yknow.

RED just come back. Come back to me please? Had I known you were leaving me, I would’ve stopped it. I would’ve dodged bullets for you or something realistic like not let you go on that trip. Had I just known.

Now I’m crying again because no matter how hard I try, a time machine will never show up and I can never go back in time to fix things… To change things…

I know I said I moved on.. And I did.. But there are certain times that I miss you and today is no exception.

I miss you, happy anniversary.



In layman’s term, I think that I’m in love with you… But what can I do? To you, I’m just that guy who is always here for you when you need something… Someone who listens and understands you… Someone who is very supportive of you and your boyfriend… Someone you only consider as your best friend. Maybe I should stop; maybe I should listen to my mind shouting ‘let go of her’. But I can’t. Maybe one day, you’ll figure it out. One day you’ll realize that you love me more than a best friend should…. But then maybe when that time comes, I will be over these feelings because I found somebody else…

Oh I love you so.


I hope it’s that easy to tell you this, but unfortunately it isn’t because our friendship, to me, is more important and I would rather be friends with you forever than lose you because I became that person who thought was in love with you but stupid enough to let you go…-R

I hope it’s that easy to tell you this, but unfortunately it isn’t because our friendship, to me, is more important and I would rather be friends with you forever than lose you because I became that person who thought was in love with you but stupid enough to let you go…


The epicness of this conversation is unbearable

The epicness of this conversation is unbearable

DYING!!! HAHAHAHAHA oh #tumblr

DYING!!! HAHAHAHAHA oh #tumblr